Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya (p-Issn: 2087-6017; e-Issn: 2503-0868) is a journal published by the Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia for the first time in 2010. Starting in 2019, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya has been published three times a year, specifically in April (documents must be submitted before December), August (documents must be submitted before January), and December (documents must be submitted before June).

Starting in 2016, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya has changed its editorial structure, publishing policies, and guidelines for authors. Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya is also published on the internet and has open access. This journal accepts original articles about various important issues in cultural studies and attempts to contain a balanced mix of high-quality articles about theoretical and empirical research, case studies, literature reviews, comparative studies, and exploratory papers. These accepted documents will be published both online and in print.

Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budayaas quoted from the Decree of Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology No. 158/E/KPT/2021 (Download Attachment Copy) was accredited at rank 2. In addition, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya also has been indexed in DOAJ.

Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya is indexed in

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