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Journal History

Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya, was first published in 2010, twice in December and July, so the publication time is not in the same year. Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya has been successfully published up to volume 5.

In 2016, the editorial composition of Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya changed. The same applies to publishing policies and writing guidelines. Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya continues to be published twice a year in July and December of the same year. The writing guide is made more detailed so that it is hoped that the author will find it easier to follow.

The cover's appearance has also changed but still maintains the old characteristic, namely using Indonesian wastra. The yellow frame on the front cover is removed. In addition to the cover, the layout of the article was changed. On the article's first page, the journal's name, volume, number, and page are marked.

Policies in the process of publishing articles are also applied. Articles that enter Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya will be checked with a plagiarism detector first. Currently, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya uses Ithenticate and Turnitin services. In addition, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya applies a policy of double anonymity in its review process.

Another policy implemented is Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya is published online and has open access other than print. Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya also complements articles published with DOI.

In 2016–2017, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya was published regularly. The last two volumes are volumes 6 and 7. The number of authors has also increased both in terms of articles and in terms of affiliation, so Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya is increasingly diverse.

In 2018, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya sought to improve writing instructions and make it easier for writers to follow writing procedures by pasting in word format that can be downloaded and followed by authors. In addition, starting in 2019, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya is published three times a year (April, August, and December).


With full awareness, the author submitting the article manuscript understands that if the article manuscript is accepted for publication, the publishing copyright must be given to Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia as the publisher of the journal. Therefore, the authors must submit a statement of the copyright transfer agreement (copyright transfer agreement).

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