Editorial Policies

Submission and processing of Manuscript for Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya.
The editor conducts an initial assessment of each document. The author should submit the full text manuscript for review. Once the review process is complete, the editor decides whether to accept or to reject manuscripts.
Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya conducted an anonymous double review. The journal does not inform the reviewer's identity to the author and the reviewer does not know the author's identity. The review team will know the author's identity once the journal is published.

The editor will ask two reviewers to review each manuscript. If the reviews indicate a conflict, the editor will send the manuscript to another reviewer.

The review process usually takes four to six months. The documents will be sent to the review team by the system, and if necessary, correspondence will be done by email.
Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya uses plagiarism detection services iThenticate and Turnitin to ensure the integrity of all manuscripts.

Publication Frequency
Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya
 is published three times a year. Issues are identified by Volume and Number.

Open Access Policy
Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya provides open access based on principles that allow the academics to use the research results directly. Thus, Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya supports the knowledge exchange at the global level.
Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya (p-issn: 2087-6017e-issn: 2503-0868) Faculty of Humanities uses license

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The licensor cannot revoke the above terms as long as you follow the terms of this license.
Based on the following conditions
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Share Alike — If you compose, modify, or create derivatives of this material, you must distribute your contribution under the same license as the original material.
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Author Fees
  1. Document Submission Fee. Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya does not charge a submission fee. Thus, the decision to accept or reject a document is given to all authors who submit theirs. Paradigma: Jurnal Kajian Budayaalso does not charge a document processing fee. The cost of reviewing and editing the documents is the responsibility of this journal.
  2. Document Publication FeeParadigma: Jurnal Kajian Budaya does not charge a fee for publishing documents suitable for publication both online and in print. Thus, the costs are the responsibility of this journal, and readers can access online publications for free. The cost of printing the documents to publish the printed version of the journal is the responsibility of this journal, but readers of the printed journal must pay for the printing costs.