Since the 2005 issue, significant changes have been made by expanding the articles in the form of conceptual articles and research article with the following conditions:

1. Conceptual Article

The contents in a conceptual framework are poured into a systematic writing that is essentially a discussion of writing on the subject matter. The elements that must be met in writing the conceptual article are: (1). Title, (2). Author's name, (3). Abstract (Indonesian and English) and keywords, (4). Introduction, (5). Analysis and discussion, (6). Conclusion, (7). Bibliography

2. Research Articles

The elements of article writing research results are:

  • (1). Title,
  • (2). Author's name,
  • (3). Abstract (Indonesian and English) and keywords,
  • (4). Introduction,
  • (5). Research Methods,
  • (6). Result of research,
  • (7). Discussion,
  • (8). Conclusions and suggestions,
  • (9). Bibliography.
  • 3. Paper Format

    Paper should have the following requirements:

    • 1. Number of Articles of Conceptual Articles 20-25 pages, Research Articles 35 - 40 pages (not including bibliography);
    • 2. Use single space;
    • 3. Font Times New Roman 12;
    • 4. The loading of tables and graphs should be accompanied by source and numbering;
    • 5. The use of more than 10 (ten) different literature items are grouped into: a. Book; b. Article; and c. Laws;
    • 6. Footnote excerpt technique (footnotes) using a customized Turabian Style format;
    • 7. Authors are strongly advised to use a reference application such as Mendeley to uniform citation format.
    • Submission of manuscript

      • 1) Manuscript submitted through the system Open Journal System is available by registering and follow the steps that exist.
      • 2) Every manuscript submitted, please include the author's clear address (institution, e-mail, and call number).
      • 3) For instructions on article formats, citations, and bibliography, please download the following documents: Submission Guideline
      • ISSN: 2503-1465