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Background. The aim of the article is a comprehensive study of the impact of institutional changes on the economic development of society and the definition of the main vector goals to achieve business opportunities through sustainable development. The main approaches to economic analysis are considered and generalized growth and economic development. The necessity of transition is substantiated functioning of modern economic systems on the principles of sustainable development. The main factors holding back economic growth have been identified business and the country as a whole. Identified economic and non-economic risks that business faced under the conditions of uncertainty. Methods. The materials of the study were indicators Euromonitor monitoring in the world, public publications of scientists, official reports of international organizations, regulations, etc. Results and Discussion. Article deal with the economic importance of sustainable development its component and their impact on economy and business. The preconditions, theoretical and applied principles of sustainability are investigated. The article substantiates the need to determine the priorities of innovation for sustainable development. The measures and goals to be taken to implement the innovative component of sustainable development are proposed to get viraity of business opportunity. Conclusion. Economic changes and eenvironmental pressures, are sparking new levels of global concern, shifting consumers values, preferences and behaviour. In response, businesses should consider the idea of purpose beyond economic profit to design products with sustainability in mind and it will become vital to understand where the greatest needs and most significant investment opportunities lie.

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