ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement

Article Title

Enhancing the community engagement of Indonesian Palm Oil Companies through the implementation of the Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA)


Business as national economy stakeholders are now paying more attention to wider issue of public, locality and social dimensions of development. The Indonesian palm oil companies as key-player in the economy, plays crucial roles in directly support community for well-being improvement. The paper analyses the implementation of UNEP/SETAC Guideline of Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) as a sub-category of “community engagement” implemented by Indonesian palm oil plantation. Using qualitative approach, this study describes four distinctive models of community engagement to mitigate negative social impact and positive social impact promoted by the business activities. The study finds that there is no convincing effective approach on corporate community engagement for poverty reduction. The study highlights importance of community stakeholders’ inclusion in decision-making processes as the means to prevent conflict, and to maintain company reputation. Other approaches such as capacity building and social economic development can be also effective as long as there is a thorough assessment in advance and participation of local community in developing the intervention plan.

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