ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement

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Implementation of biogas-based energy security program and evaluation of its sustainability in Kediri Village, Pringsewu District, Lampung Province


The Biogas-based Energy Security Program in Kediri Village, Pringsewu District, Lampung Province aims to provide awareness and knowledge to the villager about the potential of cow dung to be made into biogas and awareness of good environmental quality. An evaluation of the sustainability of the program in the community was also carried out. The methods that used in this program are : (1). Socialization to provide awareness of good environmental quality and energy security, (2). Digester construction, stove installation, and biogas lamp installation, which was carried out by the community together with certified trainers as a training ground, (3). Making grand design of the digester layout for the whole village, so that the digesters that will be built can be maximally utilized, (4). Evaluate to find out opportunities for program sustainability in the future. The results show that the Biogas-based Energy Security Program has succeeded in making the community awareness, accept and apply the technology of processing cow manure into biogas, where the people whose houses have biogas flow, all the fuel needs for cooking and electricity off, 100% have been met by biogas. The quality of the environment is also getting better, which is shown by the clean cage and home environment from cow dung, and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by methane. Up to 5 years of the program, the total number of digesters built up as many as 11 out of a total of 20 planned digesters. The program's future sustainability can continue to be carried out by the community, provided there are alternative sources of funds that can be pursued by the community.

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