ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement

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Developing an on-campus creative economy clinic to elevate the quality of existing community service program


The on-going community service program has not yet provided optimal and sustainable outcomes for the improvement of the creative economy sector as a partner, especially in the era of technological disruption. This paper aims to descriptively elaborate on the importance of setting up a creative economy clinic at the university, which based on the needs of upscaling local MSMEs performance. The discussions presented in the paper is resulted from a qualitative conceptual study under an instrumental case study approach that links insights from theoretical perspectives and works across disciplines concerning developing a creative economy clinic. The result of the discussion highlights the potential outcomes of establishing an in-campus creative economy clinic that ensuring the business sustainability of MSMEs in the disruptive technology era. Initial assessment related to the needs of MSME is further required as a strategic step for the development of the ecosystem of related creative economy clinic based on competitive advantage attached to each university.

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