ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement

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Malay minorities in The Tenasserim coast


This paper discussed Malay Minorities in the Tenasserim Coast and then Tanintharyi Division is an administrative region of Myanmar at present. When we take a close look on some historical interesting facts, we realize this region is “Tanao Si” (in Thai) while in Malay, it is known as Tanah Sari “Tanah Sari Region was part of Tanah Melayu or Malay Peninsula, part of the Kingdom of Kedah and later the Sultanate of Kedah. It was initially occupied by the Ayutthaya Kingdom and later occupied by Burma. Besides, the researchers looked rationally regarding Moken people of the Austronesian speaking tribes who inhabit the coast and islands in the Andaman Sea up through the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar. The group includes the Moken proper, the Moklen (Moklem), the Orang Sireh (Betel-leaf People), and the Orang Lanta. Finally, the Orang Lanta, are a hybridized group formed when the Malay people settled the Lanta islands where the proto-Malay Orang Sireh had been living. In addition, the Burmese call the Moken “selung”, “salone” or “chalome”. For this study, a secondary data on the relevant history data was collected. This study methodology combined two complementary approaches for identifying, analyzing and understanding patterns of knowledges sharing within complex social systems. Furthermore, the paper discussed the significance attached to the aspects of human migration in Southeast Asia.

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