ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement

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Intensifying forage legumes strata system technology through dairy cattle production


Intensifying Forage Legumes Strata System Technology (FLSST) through Dairy Cattle production was implemented in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Local Government Unit of San Jorge, Samar. Beneficiaries were selected based on the set criteria and qualifications. Farmers were trained on Dairy Cattle Production. In five communities, ten beneficiaries received one head ready to breed cow. Each farmer beneficiary has established 500 sq. meter pasture area using the FLSST. It was revealed that the abundant grasses and leguminous forages helped in improving the health of the cattle. An average of 150 kg during the release of the cattle to an average weight of 300 kg. cows gave calves through Artificial Insemination. Evident impacts were observed: Ground Level Impact: Participants appreciated the maximization of the idle land into a productive one, farmers were motivated to purchase additional ruminants. Five hectares of idle land was utilized. Deep Level Impact: A positive outlook of individuals to venture into ruminant’s production. Attitudinal transformation among family members was valued by the community particularly the 5 farmers adopters of FLSST. External Level Impact:Non-participants of the project planted leguminous forages in their idle land. A positive outlook of non-participants in pasture development and dairy cattle production was developed.

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