ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


Information Technology Needs in the current community are very high and very dynamics. This needs can be seen from the many aspects of community life that cannot be separated from the dependence on the use of ICTs. This dependency also occurs in the education environment, especially the environment of senior high school level education in DKI Jakarta. If schools can implement optimally this new type of learning, it’ll be possible there are no longer needed a separate type of national level test in Indonesia, question bank and teaching material can be share between schools in Indonesia, and learning can be done in wherever, whenever, and whoever want to study. This research activity was carried out derived from the results of direct observations, which had problems in the aspects of HR (teachers, students, and technical staffs), Technology Infrastructure, and leadership. This research was conducted using descriptive qualitative methods. The results showed that there were still many teachers who were not aware of the importance of LMS, so that the participation of teachers and students still used traditional methods. The student’s commitment has what commitment their teacher will give, if the teachers have not been committed to using LMS optimally, so will their students. LMS technical staffs themselves also face similar problems, where the direction of technical staffs implementing LMS depends on the direction of the leader.

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