ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


The concept of caring is used by nurses in providing nursing care. However, there are factors that influence nurses’ caring attitudes, such as job stress and dehumanization, which make nurse caring behavior decrease. Our program offers a solution to build a caring culture for cancer nurses. The activities carried out were the socialization of the caring culture to nurses, training for the head nurse as a change agent who guided nurses, assignment from the head of the hospital to the head nurse, and a guidance program for the head nurse as a champion to nurses. After the activity was finished, we evaluated the implementation of caring culture by focus group discussion for the head nurse. As a result, eight themes were obtained: observation guidance about caring behavior to help champions monitor and increase the nurses’ caring attitudes, training about caring to help nurses change their caring attitude, excessive workload makes nurses display less-caring behavior, Whatsapp application helps socialize caring culture, spiritual power from the inside fosters caring behavior, support from hospital leaders for caring behavior, needs for caring behavior training and therapeutic communication for all health care providers and administrative staff, needs for caring behavior standard operating procedures (SOP) and guidance from senior nurses. The number of nurses who behave caring well also increase by 38% after intervention (p = 0.021). The result of FGD can be suggestions for the hospital of ways to improve the caring culture.

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