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Surveillance is the systematic, continuous collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of data and the dissemination of information to units in need to be able to take action. In the field of health, human resources (HR) in an organization is very important role. Because the quality of health services to the public is determined by the human resources working in it. With the number of reports and cases of outbreaks in Sukabumi district, it is necessary a system of information and recording of data that muktahir. The purpose of this research is to know the effectiveness of training of geographic information system for health surveillance officer in Sukabumi district by analyzing the result of training competence. This research method using mix-method, that is with interview technique and statistical analysis (MANOVA). Based on the results of the research, there is a correlation between the training participants' knowledge on the level of education. Through data analysis training GIS-based health data managers are expected in the health center and Health Office Sukabumi District can increase the competence of surveillance officers in performing data processing in GIS applications. This research becomes a consideration in conducting training to the community, especially for health surveillance officers. The relationship between age, education and gender, only knowledge on the educational level is related

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