ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


In Indonesia, sites for TPA (landfills) as final waste dumping are still inlimited supply. Meanwhile, the amount of recycled waste is still low due to thelack of awareness about how to sort household waste. The citizens’participation activity for this study aimed to increase awareness about how tosort household waste by involving the stakeholders. The method used for thecitizens participation activity was obtained through four stages, includingadvocacy, counseling for garbage collectors, counseling for households, andmonitoring the waste sorting behavior in households. The obtained results arebased on a 100% attendance at counseling by both the stakeholders and thegarbage collectors. There is a significance difference in the level ofunderstanding found in households before and after the counseling. According tothe results of the study, as many as 44.2% of the households started sortingtheir waste based on monitoring.

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