ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


Nowadays the green open spaces are becoming more difficult to find,especially in urban areas. Malls and other physical buildings tend to dominatepublic options for recreation. Thispaper describes the community engagement program in developing community parkin Bogor Regency that has been done within July-December 2016, which wasinitiated by American Red Cross in Indonesia. Implemented together withIndonesian Red Cross and Universitas Indonesia, the program highlighted thenecessity of community park revitalization as nature-based infrastructure thatalso functioned as refugee point when disaster occurs. The “Charrette” was usedas the method to collect information from the community and to make surebottom-up approach was applied. This way, the community park can be revitalizedbased on the needs of thecommunity. This paper accesses the process of green open spaces revitalizationin the 4 selected locations in Bogor Regency. It observes the sustainabilitypotentials based on the preconditions in each locations. In general, theprocesses show that community engagement in terms of enthusiasm, willingness tocontribute voluntary and financial capital highly influence the sustainabilityof the green open space. Based on the assessment, one of the four green openspaces hold the highest sustainability potential.


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