ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


A previous study demonstrated that low-incomewomen tend to have lower financial literacy. This low level of financialliteracy affects the manner in which they manage their daily finances, as wellas their ability to save for long-term needs. Currently, the statistics show that financialliteracy in Indonesia is relatively low. Tosupport Indonesian government in improving financial literacy, especially among the mostmarginalized group – women of low income – Universitas Indonesia launched acommunity engagement initiative conducted in the form of financial literacytraining targeted at low-income women working as streetsweepers around the university. This study investigates the motivation toward andperceived usefulness of the financial education program to improve the financial literacy of low-income women working as street sweepers aroundUniversitas Indonesia. A mixed research method is applied in the study. The data were collected from in-depthinterviews and a mini survey conducted to 23 low-income female street sweepers who joined the 10weeks financial education program. Both quantitative and qualitative data wereanalyzed to produce a comprehensive descriptionof the participants’ perceptions and attitudes toward the financial literacyprogram. The study demonstrates that the majority of low-income women have lowmotivation toward financial literacy education, and they also have a negative perceptionof the usefulness of such program. Thus, it is very important that alleducators and trainers examine the characteristics of the trainees and assessthe relevancy of the education program before they design certain communityengagement program.

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