The Makara Journal of Science (Makara J. Sci.) is an academic peer-reviewed international journal published by the Universitas Indonesia (UI) to serve as a platform for cutting-edge research in the life, physical, geosciences, *tropical biodiversity, environmental chemistry/science, and energy sustainability are key themes.

Makara J. Sci. as a multi-disciplinary medium fosters high quality, scientifically sound and original research on par with internationally acclaimed specialized journals. Submissions, including original research manuscripts, computational or theoretical papers, notes, and mini-reviews are welcomed.

Publication in Makara J. Sci. is without charge; all published articles are available online through open access. Authors should refer to the Authors Guidelines for details on how to prepare their manuscript; submission is performed via the online submission system (https://scholarhub.ui.ac.id/science). Starting from 2014, Makara J. Sci. has been publishing in March, June, September, and December. Makara J. Sci. is the successor to the “Makara of Science Series” and “Makara Science”, which have been published since 1997. The name “Makara” is adopted from the Makara tree featured in the UI logo which symbolizes a source of knowledge disseminating “fruit” in all directions.

* excluding mathematical sciences

Current Issue: Volume 24, Issue 3 (2020) September



Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Viral DNA Detection and Prevalence in Nige-ria
Abazuh Uchenna Desmond, Ohiengbomwan Onaiwu Tola, Adeolu Isaac, and Yusuf Mercy


Sensitivity Enhancement of Silicon-on-Insulator Multipath Ring Resonator using Gold Nanodisk for Sensor Application
Gabriel Dicky, Shidqie Taufiqurrahman, Topik Teguh Estu, Yusuf Nur Wijayanto, Robeth Viktoria Manurung, Dadin Mahmudin, Isa Anshori, and Pamungkas Daud