In publishing articles, journal editors are guided by the policies of the journal editorial board, and there are no copyright violations, double publishing, or plagiarism. Articles that have been published will remain available, timely, and unchanged. However, under certain conditions, the editor can delete articles that have been published if there are legal violations, double publication, and plagiarism.


Retraction of an article must be accompanied by an apology for previous errors or an expression of gratitude to the party who disclosed the error to the author. Retraction of articles that have been published can be carried out by the journal editor, author, and/or institution.


Article withdrawal

Withdrawal of an article can occur due to elements of a violation of the scientific code of ethics, such as multiple submissions, false claims of authorship, plagiarism, self-plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, or the like. Articles that meet the elements of violating the code of ethics upon the author's awareness can have their articles withdrawn accompanied by a statement of withdrawal addressed to the JTS editorial board.


Article replacement

Replacement of an article can be done if something poses a severe risk; the original article's author may want to withdraw the original defective article and replace it with a corrected version. In these circumstances, the retraction procedure will be followed because the database retraction notice will publish a link to the converted and republished article and the document's history.