Focus and Scope

As a form of contribution of Terrorism Studies, Strategic and Global Studies Universitas Indonesia to the development of science, Journal of Terrorism Studies (JTS) requires a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to terrorism, extremism, radicalism, and related issues. JTS has developed a platform for scientific articles on research findings that contribute significantly to the novelty of scientific papers, public policies, and strategic recommendations for think tanks and government entities. JTS invites scholars, researchers, academics, and practitioners with research articles on related topics in;

 Psychology  Anthropology  Sociology  Criminology  Law  Gender  Media  Politics  Culture and Religion

JTS aims to be an academic space that provides novel discourse based on published research findings in order to develop Terrorism Studies from local to global perspective.

Research in the JTS journal as a form and effort in intellectual transformation, at the same time provides an opportunity for researchers who are concerned in scientific studies in the field of Radicalism and Terrorism to express ideas supported by deepening of material and data. The Editorial Team hopes that the JTS journal can be a means of contributing to the development of science and providing an overview of the problems, handling and steps that must be taken to prevent and reduce radicalism and terrorism. Hopefully the presence of JTS can be beneficial for the life of the nation and state going forward.