Jurnal Fisioterapi Terapan Indonesia or Indonesian Journal of Applied Physiotherapy

The Indonesian Journal of Applied Physiotherapy ISSN 2798-5520 is a journal published by the Physiotherapy Study Program of the Vocational Education Program Universitas Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Association of Physiotherapy Vocational Education Providers (P3VFI). The scope of the journal: applied physiotherapy studies. the mechanisms of function or dysfunction; evidence-based rehabilitation; modern therapy methods; best clinical practice; clinical reasoning and decision-making processes; assessment and clinical management of disorders; exploration of relevant clinical interventions; multi-modal approaches; biopsychosocial exploration in rehabilitation; qualitative studies involving physiotherapists. Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research, also systematic, narrative, and scoping reviews articles are welcomed. Issues published in June and December.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2023) Exercise to Improve Quality Of Life



Editor in Chief
ftr Iman Santoso,SKM.,S.Ft.,M.Fis
Associate Editors
Riza Pahlawi, Str.Ftr., M.Kes.,
Mita Noviana, S.Ft.,Physio., M.Kes.,