This study assesses the effects of prosocial silence and voice on organizational citizenship behaviors directed towards individuals under the “Too-Much-of-a-Good-Thing” theory. It is assumed that greater prosocial silence and voice lead to organizational citizenship. However, the theory of too-much-of-a-good-thing suggests that extreme behaviors may perversely have a negative effect raising the possibility that the relationship is curvilinear rather than linear. A similar nonlinear relationship is suggested in this study. Standardized measures of prosocial voice, prosocial silence and organizational citizenship were collected from 381 faculty members from three mid-cycle universities. Regression analyses revealed a significant curvilinear (an inverted U-Shaped) relationship between prosocial voice and organizational citizenship and likewise prosocial silence and organizational citizenship. Too little and, similarly, too much prosocial voice and silence were associated with worse organizational citizenship.

Bahasa Abstract

Studi ini menilai efek keheningan prososial (prosocial silence) dan suara (voice) terhadap perilaku keikutsertaan organisasi (organizational citizenship) berdasarkan teori "Too-Much-of-a-Good-Thing". Diasumsikan bahwa keheningan prososial yang lebih besar dan suara yang lebih kuat mengarah pada keikutsertaan organisasi. Namun, teori Too-Much-of-a-Good-Thing menunjukkan bahwa hubungan itu lebih mungkin bersifat melengkung daripada linier. Hubungan nonlinier semacam ini menjadi fokus dalam penelitian ini. Kuesioner standar yang mengukur suara prososial, keheningan prososial dan keikutsertaan organisasi dikumpulkan dari 381 sivitas akademia dari tiga universitas midcycle. Analisis regresi menunjukkan adanya hubungan curvilinear (U-Shaped terbalik) yang signifikan antara suara prososial dan kewarganegaraan organisasional dan juga kesunyian prososial dan kewarganegaraan organisasional. Suara dan keheningan prososial yang terlalu sedikit ataupun terlalu banyak dikaitkan dengan keikutsertaan organisasi yang lebih buruk.



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