About This Journal

As a realization of continuous improvement, we would like to proudly inform you that started from February 2021, our journal has been migrated to Bepress Digital Common Platform from California, USA. This migration is one of our commitments to spread the information more widely to the readers of the journal and give more benefits both to the authors and readers of the journal.

The new website of our journal is https://scholarhub.ui.ac.id/seam/. The previous website ( http://journal.ui.ac.id/tseajm) only for archive from under 2016 edition. For any kind of information and submission please refer to this new website.


The South East Asian Journal of Management (SEAM) seeks to publish high-quality, scholarly empirical research articles in management, strategic management, organization, entrepreneurship, operation management, human resource management, business, and organization topics that test, extend, or build theory and contribute to management practices in the South East Asian region.

The SEAM strives to serve as a major vehicle for the exchange of ideas and research among management scholars within or interested in the South East Asia region.

SEAM is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (April and October) by Management Research Center (MRC), Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (FEB UI).

For further information, contact us at seam@ui.ac.id.