Korean pop (K-Pop) and its fandom culture have penetrated Indonesia, resulting in a flourishing K-pop product sector. Fansite goods, fan-made merchandise originating in Korea, are one of the most popular merchandise among fans. However, because Indonesian fans' purchasing power is still restricted, many of them resort to copyright infringement of fansite goods in order to either own or gain profit from the merchandise. This article will explain whether fansite goods are protected by copyright from which country, and if so, which jurisdiction and law is applicable to rule on a dispute of fansite goods copyright infringement perpetrated by an Indonesian national, while also reviewing existing cases to examine the key similarities between them. Apart from that, this article will also explain comprehensively regarding the determination of fines for copyright violations of each fansite product. This is because every act of copyright infringement will be detrimental to the creator of the work. The results of the discussion of this article can be used as an evaluation review of the confirmation of copyright regulations for fansite goods themselves and as legal knowledge regarding cases of copyright infringement which sometimes not many people are aware of. It is hoped that law enforcement and public awareness will improve with the reviews discussed in this article and that every creator who creates fansite products has their fair rights from every product they make.


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