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Indonesia Law Review (ILREV) is an initiative of Djokosoetono Research Center (DRC) Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. It aims primarily to facilitate scholarly and professional discussions over current developments on Indonesian Law with a global relevance as well as discussion on recent development in legal scholarship around the world that bears relevance to Indonesia and Indonesian law. Published exclusively in English, the Review seeks to expand the boundaries of Indonesian legal discourses to access English-speaking contributors and readers all over the world. The Review, hence, welcomes contributions from international legal scholars and professionals as well as from representatives of courts, executive authorities, and agencies of development cooperation. A recommendation by the Editors on specific research issues to be covered in each volume may be made available to prospective contributors prior to publication of the volume in April, August, and December.

Indonesia Law Review is Nationally Accredited (Accreditation Rank II) by the Minister of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency of the Republic of Indonesia Decision No. 148/M/KPT/2020 on The Accreditation Rank of Scientific Journals Period II of 2020.

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Current Issue: Volume 11, Number 1 (2021)



Nathalina Naibaho, Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, Suhariyono AR, and Andri Gunawan Wibisana

Book Review