Author Guidelines

This document provides details on typesetting and layout requirements pertaining to final manuscript submission to The Indonesian Journal of Socio-Legal Studies.

Guidelines and Instruction

Manuscripts should be between 6.000 and 11.000 words, including text and footnotes (excluding bibliography). Manuscripts can be written in English or Indonesian, and must not have been published previously or being submitted elsewhere.

A. Body Text

The body may be consisted of several paragraphs according to discussion of the articles the author wishes to deliver. The body should be written in Cambria, font size: 12, and double line spacing.

Headings and sub-headings should be numbered by; 

1. First level: roman numerals in uppercase (I, II, III, …); 

2. Second level: alphabets in uppercase (A, B, C, …); 

3. Third level: arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, …); 

4. Fourth level: alphabets in lowercase (a, b, c, …); 

5. Fifth level: roman numerals in lowercase (i, ii, iii, …). 

The first heading should be titled “Introduction” and the last heading should be titled “Conclusion”. 

First line of each paragraph should be indented, with single space between paragraphs. For direct quotation less than 20 words, it should be placed within the paragraph with quotation marks (“........”). For direct quotation contain more than 20 words, it should be in a separate paragraph with left indentation of 1,27 cm, justified, in italic and use single line spacing. 

Tables should be presented on same sheets of the manuscript and should have short descriptive titles. Figures should be clearly numbered, source and should have explanatory captions. The author must indicate where Tables and Figures should be placed in the text

B. Tables and Figures

Show clearly in the article text where the tables and figures should appear. You are required to send tables and figures as original, editable files in Microsoft Word or Excel. Please give tables and figures separate titles, don't include the titles as the first row of the table. Table notes should also be separate from the titles and included underneath the table to which they apply. The size of each table should not be too large and must fit on a single journal page. Please note that it will be difficult to represent a table with the size of one whole A4 page (210 x 297 mm) on a B5 journal page (176 x 250 mm). In such case, consider splitting the data into two or more tables. Your tables must be consistent in presentation. Please note that colour, shading, vertical rules, and other cell borders that are not compatible with the final layout of the table in the published article will be removed (except at the head and foot of the table). If you are reproducing tables and figures from another source, you must have acquired prior permission to do so. 

Submission to IJSLS

The Indonesian Journal of Socio-Legal Studies invites contribution from scholars and practitioners to submit their manuscripts. While the journal website is still being constructed, authors must submit their manuscript via email to ijsls@ui.ac.id.


Authors are required to follow the author guidelines and submission template when submitting their manuscript to IJSLS. For further inquiries please contact the editorial staffs at ijsls@ui.ac.id.


[For the bibliography and references, please use Chicago style. More information on these styles can be found in the Chicago Manual of Style Online.]

The submission template can be downloaded here