Pregnancy is the most sensitive period in women's life which makes many physical and mental changes. Sleep problems are one of the issues that are reported by pregnant women; it appears to be associated with psychological consequences in pregnant women. This study aims to investigate the relationship between mental health and insomnia in pregnant women referred to health centers in estahban. This descriptive-analytic study has been done on 182 pregnant women referred to health centers of Estahban in 2015 by available sampling method. Research tools used in this study were general health questionnaire 28 (GHQ 28) and insomnia severity index (ISI).Data were analyzed using Chi-Square and Pearson Correlation tests in SPSS 22 software. Research findings showed that 46.2% of women were suspected of mental disorders, and 58.8% of them suffered from insomnia. According to Chi-square test, there was a significant relationship between total score of mental health and a total score of insomnia(r = 0.58, p < 0.05). Also, a significant relationship was observed in all variables of mental health and insomnia (p < 0.05). Results indicate a high level of mental disorders as well as insomnia among pregnant women; also, the mutual effect of these diseases on each other. As a result, sleep hygiene education as well as appropriate consideration and counseling to pregnant women to treat disorders for achieving a safe pregnancy are recommended.



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