Hypertension is a state of blood pressure ≥ 140 mmHg (systolic) or ≥ 90 mmHg (diastolic). Incidence of women hypertension in Rejomulyo from January to November 2013 reached 28.4%, in which 87% were menopausal. Risk factors increased since early menopausal period. The aim of the study was to analyze risk factors of hypertension in menopausal women in Rejomulyo, Madiun. An observational analysis was conducted with cross-sectional study design. Samples were 90 menopausal women aged 50-80 years using stratified random sampling. Bivariate analysis showed association between obesity (p=0.023;CI: 1.4-116.8), abdominal obesity (p=0.002;CI: 1.8-24.9), family history suffering of hypertension (p=0.018;CI: 1.2-7.1), elderly age (p =0.028;CI: 1.2-12.9), high stress level (p=0.001;CI: 2.9-19.4) and often natrium consumption (p=0.001;CI: 2.4-15.2). Multivariate analysis showed that risk factors of hypertension were abdominal obesity (POR adj=9.2 CI: 1.7-50.9), elderly age or > 65 years old (POR adj=8.6;CI: 1.6-45.1), high stress level (POR adj=8.6;CI: 2.6-28.3) and often natrium consumption (POR adj=6.4;CI: 1.9-20.5). This study found that risk factors of hypertension were abdominal obesity, elderly age (> 65 years old), high stress level, and high natrium consumption. Tawangrejo Health Center should be in collaboration with relevant sectors such as the PKK and health cadres.



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