Dysmenorrhea is a naturally occurring condition experienced by female teenagers during menstruation, but numerous reports claimed its tendency to incur a negative impact on them. As a result, it is imperative that we are well informed of the condition in the effort to improve female teenagers’ quality of life. However, data on dysmenorrhea for the area of Central Jakarta is difficult to find. The aim of this research is to illustrate the prevalence, associated factors, impact and treatment for dysmenorrhea. Data for this descriptive research was gathered through questionnaires from 240 teenagers selected by accidental sampling. Data was processed by descriptive statistics and chi-square test to examine its significance. 87.5% of the respondents reported an experience of dysmenorrhea (20.48% mild pain, 64.76% moderate pain, 14.76% severe pain). 43.75% of the respondents reported that the condition has constrained them from conducting their daily activities. Most of the participants reported self-medication for the dysmenorrhea, and 5.6% of them have consulted with a physician for pain. Mothers and friends are considered as sources of information and assistance to treat dysmenorrhea. Significant factors behind this research that are associated with dysmenorrhea are age, volume of menstrual blood and occurrence of premenstrual syndrome.



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