Journal of Materials Exploration and Findings (JMEF)


Aluminum is the most widely used metal in industry. Aluminum smelting is one of the important steps that needs to be carried out to produce products made of aluminum metal with good quality. In the process of smelting aluminum there are several problems that occur, one of which is the growth of corundum in Si C refractories which affects the quality of aluminum melt and the durability of Si C refractories. This research was conducted to see the heat transfer in Si C and the effect of the presence of Corundum on heat transfer. This research was carried out by simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics to see the distribution of heat and the resulting temperature. The simulation is carried out in two dimensions geometry of a Si C slab and a layer of corundum added. From the simulations carried out for two conditions, namely Si C without corundum and Si C with corundum, it was found that the presence of corundum would inhibit the heat transfer process on Si C Slab.


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