Journal of Materials Exploration and Findings (JMEF)

Aims & Scope

Journal of Materials Exploration and Findings/JMEF publishes publications that report on R&D discoveries and fundamental understanding of phenomena with potential significance, as well as those that explore solutions to current engineering challenges in materials, chemical, structural, and mechanical engineering or related fields. 

JMEF includes original research, review, and short communication articles. JMEF welcomes original articles on all aspects of materials science-chemical/engineering and mechanical engineering, including:

  • materials synthesis; 
  • processing, and manufacturing; 
  • advanced materials and nanotechnology; 
  • metallurgical and mining engineering; 
  • physics and chemistry of materials; 
  • computational materials engineering; 
  • fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and materials-related engineering phenomena; 
  • management integrity and reliability engineering; 
  • mechanical systems; 
  • biomaterials; 
  • structural materials ;
  • Design, Methods, and Materials: Art and Architectural appreciation;
  • materials-pharmacology bioinformatics, 
  • and other closely related fields.