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Current Issue: Volume 30, Number 2 (2023) Volume 30 No. 2 (May 2023)



Defining Social Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Governance: Scoping and Thematic Literature Review
Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Prama Wiratama, Intan Sani Putri, Asbiyal Nurdin, Asal Wahyuni Erlin Mulyadi, Tiyas Nur Haryani, and Desiderius Priyo Sudibyo


Editor in Chief
Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo, Mag.rer.publ
Managing Editor
M. Imam Alfie Syarien, S.Sos., MPA
Section Editor
Eliyani Noor A.md
Production Editor
Rijal Ramdhani, S.Sos.

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