Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis Terapan (JABT)


The application of Sapta Pesona is one of the efforts in providing excellent services to tourists, especially for tourism villages, so that the participation of the community consisting of tourism consicious groups, hoemestay owners and the government is needed. This Study aims to describe the application of Sapta Pesona in Pentingsari Village in Providing excellent service. The Concept used is excellent service, village tourism and community based tourism. The research method used was qualitative with interview, observation and literature study date collection Techniques. The result of the Tourism Village, Because the tourism village has special characteristics that can be used as a tour that is the culture and natural beauty of the village. The form of service in the form of attitudes, Attention and actions taken in tourist activities in the tourism village of Pentingsari must contain elements of Safe, Oderly , Clean, Cool, Beautiful, Friendly and Memorable for tourist by tourism businesses, among homestay owners, restaurant and centerssouvenir. So it is recommended to make guidelines used as Standard Operating Procedursr for tourism businesses that refer to Sapta Pesona so that the development of a suistainable tourism village model will be realized because the satisfaction aspects of excellent service to tourist can be realized.


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