About This Journal

Jurnal of Islamic Law Studies (Sharia Journal) E-ISSN: 2614-4824 (Online); ISSN: 2620-8865 (Print) Frequency: 2 issues/ year

JILS (Sharia Journal) is one of the Islamic law journals in Indonesia. JILS is the responsibility of the Institute of Islamic Studies and Islamic Law FHUI, which contains research and research, so that its management can be sustainable and monitored professionally.

Journal publishing in JILS has a network as well as great potential to be able to grow and develop into a quality and nationally accredited journal. The journal review process is directly reviewed by Professors of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, who are certainly experts and experienced in the field of Islamic Law. Thus, publishing a journal in JILS guarantees the quality of the article because it has passed a rigorous curation process.

Journal Contact

email: jils@ui.ac.id

Phone: 0816200129 (Satrio Alif Febriyanto)