Peer Review Process

  1. The manuscripts will be desk-reviewed by the editors to assess whether the manuscripts meet the journal’s writing guidelines as well as its aims and scopes. The authors will be notified of the result of the initial review within two weeks.
  2. If the manuscripts have passed the desk review stage, they will go through a double-blind review process. This shall take up to four weeks before the reviewers send the manuscripts back to the editors. Names and identities of the reviewers and authors are undisclosed during the process
  3. Once the manuscripts have been received with comments from the reviewers, they will be returned to the authors. Reviewers may advise the manuscripts to be acceptable for publication, acceptable with revisions, or rejected. Two weeks are allocated for the authors to revise their manuscripts.
  4. After receiving the revised manuscripts from the authors, the editors will re-evaluate the manuscripts whether they have addressed the reviewers’ concerns and meet the journal’s academic quality standard. The final decision for the publication will be made by the editors.
  5. Once the manuscripts have been accepted for publication, they will undergo proofreading and copyediting processes. The page proof of the manuscripts will then be sent to the authors for final review and confirmation for publication.