SMART CITY focuses on four main topics: energy and environment, infrastructure, ICT and mobility, and quality of life. Published biannually, it serves as a comprehensive platform for researchers and practitioners alike to access latest issues, findings, and best practices in the fields of smart cities. SMART CITY is published by CCR Smart City at Universitas Indonesia.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 (2023) Linking Socio-Environmental Transition for Sustainable Cities

Cities are hubs of complex interactions between society and ecosystems. At present, climate change and other environmental issues are directly or indirectly linked to urban metabolism. However, cities can also be key players in the fight against climate change and acknowledge the socio-ecological nature of urban environments. In this issue, we explore how cities advance urban studies by connecting socio-environmental transition for sustainable cities. By bringing together scholars from various disciplines, we hope to encourage collaboration and a deeper understanding of urban environments. This will help us identify commonalities and differences in approaching urban issues and pave the way for new discussions on the role of urban socio-environmental transition in shaping sustainable changes.


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