SMART CITY focuses on four main topics: energy and environment, infrastructure, ICT and mobility, and quality of life. Published biannually, it serves as a comprehensive platform for researchers and practitioners alike to access latest issues, findings, and best practices in the fields of smart cities. SMART CITY is published by CCR Smart City at Universitas Indonesia.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2024) Tomorrow's Cities Today: Advancing Sustainability in Smart Urbanism

This issue delves into groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to redefine smart and sustainable urban development. It offers a wide range of innovative strategies, from advanced technological integrations to resilient urban planning principles, all designed for urban planners, policymakers, and researchers who are seeking a global perspective on the changing dynamics of smart cities. Explore visionary concepts that aim to balance economic vitality, social equity, and environmental stewardship within smart urban environments.


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