The Study on Fluorescence Characteristics of Chlorella spp: pH Influence on Culture. Experiments for measuring the fluorescence characteristics of Chlorella spp. by using high stability and high repetition rate nitrogen laser of energy 5 mJ with pulse duration of 5 ns have been carried out. The results show that for a cell concentration range from 2,625 cells/ml up to 2,769,000 cells/ml, the fluorescence intensities at pada λ = 687 nm have a linear relationship with the cell concentration. It has been also found that for a 7 days old chlorella culture, the pH variation at the starting culture influenced the cell concentration.

Bahasa Abstract

Eksperimen untuk mengamati karakteristik fluoresensi Chlorella spp. dengan menggunakan laser Nitrogen yang memiliki stabilitas dan frekuensi repetisi tinggi (energi 5 mJ, durasi pulsa 5 ns) telah dilakukan. Hasil percobaan menunjukkan untuk rentang konsentrasi 2.625 sel/ml hingga 2.769.000 sel/ml, intensitas fluoresensi pada λ = 687 dan konsentrasi sel memiliki hubungan linier. Juga ditunjukkan pada kultur Chlorella spp usia 7 hari, variasi pH pada awal kultur berpengaruh terhadap konsentrasi sel yang dihasilkan.


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