This study aims to investigate periodontal status, and the relationship between obesity and periodontal status in patients who first visited the Institute of Traditional Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 118 patients aged 18 or older, including 56 obese subjects (BMI ≥ 27.5, mean age: 33.8, males: 11, females: 45) and 62 non-obese subjects (BMI < 27.5, mean age: 34.3, males: 4, females: 58) were enrolled for a period of 5 months from February 2014 to June 2014. The information on socio-demographic characteristics and dental habits were collected by questionnaire. Periodontal status (PLI, GI, BOP, PD, CAL) was examined and the anthropometric index was measured. There was significantly higher prevalence of periodontitis (39.3%) in the obese group than the non-obese group (16.4%). Means of GI, BOP, PD, and CAL in obese subjects were significantly higher than those in non-obese subjects. Significantly higher percentages of subjects who had lower education, visited dental offices, scaled and polished their teeth regularly were in the non-obese group than in the obese group. Multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that age (OR=3.10), routine of dental visit (OR=3.34) and obesity (OR=2.79) were risk factors significantly related to periodontitis. Periodontal status in obese subjects was poorer than non-obese subjects. Obesity might be the risk factor for periodontitis in Vietnamese patients.



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