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After the transition to the market economy, the consumer market of the Republic of Tajikistan faced different problems of the competitiveness of retail trade enterprises and the quality of services. In the result of our previous research about retail competitiveness, we defined some of the disadvantages in this sphere, expressed in the candidate dissertation on theme “Improving the retail enterprise competitiveness management system”. Problems regarding to the competitiveness of enterprises and the provision of quality services to consumers influenced the research an integral assessment of competitiveness. So, just only with by an integral assessment of competitiveness, economically sound solutions are determined with sustainability of the competitiveness of retail enterprises in the consumer market and improving the quality of service consumers. Using the integral method of assessing competitiveness, we have determined the financial opportunity and sustainability of the competitiveness of supermarket Anis. Supermarket Anis has a maximum financial opportunity to organize additional points and organize innovational of service for customers In the process of our research, we used several methods of research work, such as, interviews, comparison analyses and statistics calculations by goods turnover of retailer enterprise of the Kujand city, Republic of Tajikistan. In order to the offered theory, used specific formula and the concepts of sustainable competitiveness that affect the quality of services provided to consumers. The result of this decision improves the process of correct decision-making, improving the financial opportunities enterprise in the consumer market. In conditions of sustainable economic development, the services of each enterprise must meet the requirements of the consumer market. That is why managers should use an integral method of assessing competitiveness to determine financial opportunities, drawing up a strategy for competitiveness and sustainable development of supermarkets.


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