Gay people living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) face two stigmas, being gay and having HIV/AIDS, thus making their daily lives very complicated. To survive their life challenges, they need strong resilience. This study examined the sustainability effects of Group Positive Psychotherapy in improving the resilience of gay people living with HIV/AIDS. Participants were 18 gay people (9 each in experimental and control groups) living with HIV/AIDS and experiencing resilience problems. The study’s design was quasiexperimental, with an untreated control group and pretest and posttest dependent samples using switching replications. The instruments used were the Resilience Scale, the Positive Psychotherapy Inventory (PPTI), and the Day Reconstruction Method (DRM). Besides qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis was conducted through statistical testing using the Mann-Whitney U Test. Results showed that Group Positive Psychotherapy significantly improved participants’ resilience (U = 0.000; p < 0.01), and its effects lasted for at least two weeks post-intervention. In this study, the Group Positive Psychotherapy sessions on “three good things” and “savoring” proved most effective in improving the resilience of gay people living with HIV/AIDS. Group Positive Psychotherapy also effectively reinforced groups as a positive forum for sharing.

Bahasa Abstract

Seorang penyandang HIV/AIDS dengan faktor risiko homoseksual harus menghadapi menghadapi dua stigma berbeda (sebagai homoseksual dan HIV/AIDS) yang melekat pada diri mereka. Kemampuan menyesuaikan diri terhadap perubahan kehidupan yang menekan ini disebut dengan resiliensi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji efek berkelanjutan Psikoterapi Positif Kelompok dalam meningkatkan resiliensi pada lelaki homoseksual penyandang HIV/AIDS. Penelitian ini merupakan suatu studi kuasi eksperimen dengan desain untreated control group design with dependent pretest and posttest samples using switching replications. Sebanyak 18 lelaki homoseksual penyandang HIV/AIDS yang mengalami masalah resiliensi dibagi dua menjadi kelompok eksperimen dan kelompok kontrol. Instrumen penelitian yang digunakan adalah Skala Resiliensi, Positive Psychotherapy Inventory (PPTI), dan The Day Reconstruction Method (DRM). Analisis kuantitatif dilakukan melalui uji statistik Mann-Whitney serta menggunakan analisis kualitatif. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Psikoterapi Positif Kelompok signifikan dalam meningkatkan resiliensi pada lelaki homoseksual penyandang HIV/AIDS (U=0,000;p



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