ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


This paperillustrates a program to plan a green patch of Ciliwung river landscape througha participatory process involving the community in Condet, East Jakarta. It isbelieved that native knowledge of the river and the riparian, which can only berevealed by the locals, becomes significant to understanding the dynamics ofthe place and to generating a masterplan. Through interviews, focus groupdiscussion and participatory mapping, their everyday experience in utilizingthe landscape can be recognized. Instead of concrete revetment and heightenedlevees along the river, native vegetation is identified and developed, as it isconsidered as key in restoring the ecosystem and generating programs on thelandscape. The landscape will display the natural process and at the same timeprovide a place for social and recreational activities. By utilizing the nativeknowledge of the people, the masterplan of the green patch becomes moreresponsive and fit to the ecological, cultural, and social research. Fosteringthe commitment and active role of the community in every phase of the planningturns into an important aspect to ensuring the implementation andsustainability of the program. This program will support the aim of thecommunity and will strengthen the identity of Condet as a site for ecology, andwill eventually support the conservation program in Ciliwung Condet.

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