ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


For most community-engagement in the universities, the beneficiary self-help impact have been disregarded. In fact, the ‘Self-help’ creation in the beneficiary community is the CO-CD prindiple, and this principle has been hardly adopted by the universities. This research goal was a profile of UT community-engagement managerial performance in 2012. The critical issues of this research were to respond Whether the UT community-engagement management had been executed properly? and Whether UT community-engagement had been capable of giving positive impacts on the beneficiary communities? This research-design covered 2 clusters, the first was to do with the managerial performance issues; the second encompassed the impacts on the beneficary communities. The method used was a Survey, and the data collection were Purposive Judgment Sampling for selecting the communities, and ‘Census’ for the related stakeholders. The data analysis were a combination between The Performence Analysis and The Context-Input-Process-Product, and the substantive analysis was CO-CD theory. The research findings were: 1) 64% as less-credible for the UT quantitative achievement, and far from a good-stage on the qualitative targeting. The major “Gap” was due to the absent of ‘CO-CD base’ on the UT community-engagement grand-policy. 2) showing in a good-mode in short term of the UT intervention impacts. However, ‘Self-help’ creation in the beneficiary community could not be achieved. The conclusion, there was no direct-corelation between the weak-managerial-performance and the relatively good-impact on its beneficiary community. Nonetheless, ‘CO-CD’ principles are urgently required to be adopted to avoid inefficiency and ineffectivity.

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