ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement


Two villages in Cebu City, represented by 22 farmer-scientists, chose to conduct the third phase of their Urban Vegetable-Gardening Project in two relocation sites in the municipality of Bogo City to help displaced fisher folks affected by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The study aimed to determine the results of the project in addressing the eminent hunger in the relocation sites; and discuss the effects of communities’ initiatives in assisting fellow communities. The operation of the project emphasized collaboration between institutions, and communities’ involvement in decision-making and activities – all boils down to community engagement (Attree et al., 2011; Holland and Ramaley, 2008). The study was conducted in SM and Yolanda relocation sites in Bogo City from January to July 2016. Thirty randomly selected farmer-participants were interviewed using a questionnaire which was pre-tested and validated. Key informant interviews, focus group discussions and secondary data gathering were also done. The project results noted were: 1) immediate food sources, especially in urban areas like the two relocation sites where there is limited space to plant; 2) increased in yield and income based on farmers’ records; and 3) improved social capital (building trust, knowledge sharing and provision of assistance) among farmers, local government units and universities brought by communities’ involvement in project implementation. It is therefore concluded that vegetable-gardening in the relocations sites could provide immediate food and income sources consistent with previous studies (Ozawa, 2010; PCCAARD, 2007). Further, community’s engagement in extension projects facilitates not only technology and knowledge dissemination but also social capital and community networks and linkages, also consistent with previous studies (Ozawa, 2010). Based on the positive outcomes recognized, the project is recommended for expansion to other urban areas in Cebu province.

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