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Dieng is a plateau in Central Java Province where most of the land is managed for agriculture. Peoples cultivate potato and holticultural plant as the main comodities. In addition, they also began to cultivate fruit crops, carica. The cultivation and utilization of carica is a form of Dieng plateau area erotion conservation. For the past few years, carica has begun to be processed by farmers into a variety of processed foods and drinks, such as jam, sweets, chips, and carica syrup. Our partners in the Community Engagement Grants program here is a collection of home industries in the field of carica drink which is then named as Carica Dieng Production House (CDPH). One of the problem that they are faced is about production system. In addition, this community experienced a loss of opportunity due to the media for marketing. This Community Engagement Program has a purpose on process improvement. Improvements are divided into several aspects, such as product innovation, manufacturing process improvement, financial planning and accounting, and marketing. Improvements in the waste disposal system are also made to benefit. The methodology that we used in this paper is divided into 3 main areas, which areas are pre-action phase, core phase, and monitoring and evaluations. The output of this activity is to make a good product in all process aspects. All of this can not be separated from the main goal in creating superior products that can compete in national and global markets.

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